Mikhail Dementyev

Золотая лига AERO-YO

Mikhail Dementyev (aka DEMMIK)


DoB: 29/10/1986

Started playing on February 13, 2006.
Favorite yo-yos: All yo-yos are good when your hands are straight! Royal, Lightning, Eagle, RB Proto.
Playstyles: 1A, a bit of 2A and 5А.

Sport achievements:
RYYC’06 – 1A – 6th
YYFCup 2010 – 1A – 10th
MytishiOpenYYC – 1A – 12th
RYYC’10 – AP – 2nd
EYYC’11 – 1A – 31st (22nd Prelims)

Mikhail (Demmik) is well known in yo-yoing crowd as promo-player, official contest MC, judge, organization assistant.

Mikhail dementyev started his way in yo-yoing in November 2005, but his official yo-yo birthday is february 13, 2006 – right on this day he received his first professional yo-yo. Since then this yo-yo became an integral part of his life, accompanied his every step, helped to discover new horizons of self-expression.

Mikhail is fond of music, video, internet technologies and design. First and foremost in yo-yoing for Mikhail is being positive and friendly with his friends and his life. Demmik is one of creators of yo-yoing anthem –  Realista Rail’s – «Yo-yo Style». He is often seen on TV, at promotional yo-yo performances and in promo-trips across the Russia.

In more than five years of his yo-yoing career Mikhail succeded not as competitor, but as active yo-yoing personality. He managed to join one of very popular foreign yo-yo teams but left it in order to join powerful AERO PRO Team ranks.

«AERO Pro Team helps me to discover my new horizons», says Michail. Being in the team for him is a new step in perfecting his skills, and self-development. «It is very pleasant to be in one team with good and stylish yo-yoers, who are not only skillful players, but also very interesting persons».

1А, EYYC 2011:

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