AERO-YO Russian Team of professional yo-yo players  is supported by the Russian Yo-Yo players Association (RYYA) and the AERO-YO.

Primary aims of the AERO-YO Team are development of yo-yoing as a sport, AERO-YO brand promotion and popularization of the yo-yoing culture in Russia.

The Team consists of: yo-yo players of different playstyles, managers, official photo- and videographers and other specialists.

AERO-YO Team members represent the AERO-YO brand in their city or region.

AERO-YO Team player – is a professional yo-yo player who:

  1. Is an active person and leads an active life.
  2. Is constantly developing and perfecting his yo-yoing skills.
  3. Takes part in yo-yo contests and championships in Russia and worldwide as an AERO-YO Team Player acting for the Team  and improving team’s level.
  4. Takes part in demonstration performances and various public events.
  5. Is filmed in tutorials and promo videos,  takes part in masterclasses and shows in his/her city, gives the basics of yoyoing to newbies at yo-yo schools, does everything for yo-yo culture development and AERO-YO brand promotion in Russia.

Official photo/videographer of the AERO-YO Team

  1. Is an active person and leads an active life.
  2. Is constantly developing and perfecting his poto/video skills.
  3. Makes reports about yo-yo championships and contests in Russia and worldwide.
  4. Makes reports about shows, demo performances and public events organized by the AERO-YO Team Players or where the AERO-YO Team players take part.
  5. Films tutorials and demonstration videos.
  6. Does everything for yo-yo culture development and AERO-YO brand promotion in Russia.

AERO-YO Team Players are divided into three ascending levels.

  1. First level – AERO Scouts.
  2. Secons level – AERO Fighters.
  3. Third, highest level – AERO PRO Team.

All three levels of the AERO-YO Team share the same aims – development of yo-yoing as a sport and youth culture in Russia as well as the AERO-YO brand promotion.

These levels differ in requirements, enrollment procedures, player’s privileges and responsibilities (privileges and responsibilities of the AERO-YO Team Player are listed in the AERO-YO Team codex).

Enrollment procedures.

Photo/videographers  are invited to the Team individually, according to the level of their photo/video works.

First and second levels of the AERO-YO Team –  AERO Scouts and AERO Fighters – are assigned according to the Player’s sport achievements. The decision is based on the AERO-YO Team’s management resolution.

The Player can join AERO Scouts if his provided data allows to join Bronze AERO-YO League (or Video League). The Player can join AERO Fighters if his provided data allows to join Silver AERO-YO League. Besides that, the  Player can be invited on the basis of his own contribution to the yo-yo culture development.

How to join the AERO-YO Team:

  1. In order to join the AERO-YO Team the player should fill in the Application Form where he/she lists his/her sport achievements (contest results, videos that allow to get an AERO-YO League), tells about him/herself and explains his decision to join the AERO-YO Team.
  2. Team Management issues a decision of membership based on the Player’s Application Form.
  3. If the decision is positive the Player receives an official letter containing the invitation and the AERO-YO Team’s codex. If the Player agrees with the codex, he/she is considered enrolled and AERO-YO Team’s website is updated with his/her profile.
  4. Otherwise the Player receives the letter of refusal.

AERO PRO Team invites the Player individually, according to their results of the interview with the Team management. AERO Fighters have more chances to be invited to join the AERO PRO Team. Reasons of inviting the Player to the AERO PRO Team are sa follows:

  1. High skill level confirmed by prizewinning places taken at the contests that are approved by the Russian Yo-Yo players Association.
  2. Personal achievements in developing the yo-yo culture and AERO-YO brand promotion.

Following acts should be completed prior the enrollment:

  1. The player is sent a letter that informs him of the plans on his AERO PRO Team membership. This letter contains an invitation for the individual interview (either in person or via internet).
  2. According to the interview the Player’s request to join the AERO PRO Team is either confirmed or rejected.
  3. The Player receives an official letter that includes an invitation and the codex of the AERO-YO Team. If the player agrees with the terms of the codex, he is considered memer of the AERO PRO Team and AERO-YO Team’s website is updated with the Player’s profile.

All privileges and responsibilities of the Team member depend on the members level in the Team and are distributed according to the AERO-YO Team codex.


The member can be expelled from the team either voluntarily or by AERO-YO Team Management decision.

If the expellation is voluntary, the player must inform the AERO-YO Team Management about his/her decision and explain the reasons of leaving the team.

The decision on expelling the AERO-YO Team member is issued by the Team Management on the following basis:

  1. Member’s provocative activity that contradicts with the aims of the AERO-YO Team.
  2. Prolonged absence of the Member’s actions aimed at developing the yo-yo culture and the AERO-YO brand promotion.
  3. AERO-YO Team’s codex violation.

The AERO-YO Team bears an utterly important mission for the Yo-Yo culture and only the best are worthy to proudly share this mission and become a Member of the AERO-YO Team.

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