SUPER FLYis big and wide offstring (4A) yo-yo. Professional’s precise tool! Its durable rims forgive even the heaviest hits that are common when mastering offstring tricks.

  • Weight (g): 85
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 52/76
  • Bearing type: Grooved D
  • Price: 700 r.

Many offstring amateurs and professionals value Super Fly’s great potential. No matter if you are just playing with your friends in the park, or take part in competitions – The Super Fly won’t let your skill down!

RYYC 2010 4A video. Maksim Suponenkov used Super Fly to get his well earned first place. Offstring style:

AERO-YO Fest, summer 2010 video with Maksim Suponenkov and Super Fly. 4A, Offstring:

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