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SKY is a yo-yo for beginners, which, as pro-players say, behaves no worse than many hi-end and composite yo-yos. In spite of its light weight, Sky boasts of its long sleep time, increased stability and shape, that is perfect for string tricks.

  • Weight (g): 40,1
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 41/56
  • Bearing type: Grooved D
  • Price: 300 r.

Sky – has reasons to be great for beginners – with this yo-yo you can easily master “beginner’s ladder” tricks. One thing makes this yo-yo even more interesting, you can use it to perfect your pro-skill. Experienced players approve that this yo-yo forgives no mistakes in complex tricks and combos, thus helping you to avoid mistakes and master your freestyles. Raise your freestyles to a new level with the Aero-Yo Sky, truly great sport equipment for exhausting practice!

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AERO-YO Team SPB, Sky promo video:

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