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KATANA—is a yo-yo of advanced level. With it you can not only get the hang of professional play, but also to master many complex tricks. Increased rim-weight, large grooved bearing and soft rubber response system make this yo-yo one of the best in its class!

  • Weight (g): 58
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 39/53
  • Bearing Type: Grooved C
  • Price: 500 r.

Katana is one of the few plastic yo-yos that earned equal respect among newbies and professionals. Great specifications, many color varieties and lots of special editions made it popular among those, who values quality. This yo-yo is approved and considered best by the AERO Pro Team. One of its special editions was dedicated to the yo-yo champion of England, Krisztian Kaluzsa:

Katana (Kaluzsa Edition) played by Roma Impolitov, AERO-YO Team member from Syktyvkar:

Katanas look great in the ultraviolet:

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