ATOMis a plastic yo-yo for beginners, ideal for first acquaintance with yo-yoing, getting the hang of simple tricks and learning the basics of sych style of play as looping (0A, 2A). Small bearing and Starburst response system make returning this yo-yo to your hand as easy as pie, and its durable body forgives any surface hits.

  • Weight (g): 67
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 36/56
  • Bearing type: Slim A
  • Price: 300 r.

This yo-yo was tested and approved by leading pro players, masters of the AERO Pro Team among them. Various caps designs will point out your own style. And if you are a pro player – this yo-yo will help you to give all yo-yoing basics to a beginner!

New Atoms 2011 have thinner gap (this contributes to better response and looping stability), slight change of weight towards improved play and are made of better material.

Atom demo video. Best Aero-Yo players demonstrate what this yo-yo can do:

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