Her Majesty Royal yo-yo – That’s how AERO-YO masterpiece was titled. Autumn 2010 was a great time – The Royal dynasty successor was born. Hail to the Royal 2.0! Thanks to added rim weight this yo-yo will please you with long sleep-time and increased stability. Sidespinners will help you in learning matador tricks and stylish design will be the feast for the eyes of te owner and his spectators. Feel the quality with Royal 2.0!

  • Weight (g): 67,6
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 39/52,7
  • Bearing type: Grooved C
  • Price: 4500 r.

Royal 2.0 promo video:

AERO Fighter Dimanas, demonstrates the  Royal 2.0 possibilities with Z-Stacks on:

Krasnodar Aero Fighter Oleg Matveev with Royal 2.0:

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