ROCKET— new stuff among metallic AERO-YO high-ends. Innovative technologies, convenient butterfly form, clear cut rims – this is all about the Rocket. Beautiful engraving underlines this yo-yo’s unique style. The coating will please your active play and its wide gap will let your creativity fly free when inventing even the craziest freestyles!

  • Weight (g): 64 г
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 35,7/50
  • Bearing type: Grooved D
  • Price: 2000 r.

Five color options: red, gold, orange, black and lilac.

Rocket became one of the favorite yo-yos with the AERO Fighters. These guys approve – this yo-yo is good!

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Moscow AERO Fighter Michail Bob’s promo video with this yo-yo:

Hungarian promo video with Daniel Budai:

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