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MONSTERwas created with the help of Russian yo-yoers under the supervision of Sergey Guryev. This yo-yo is a sure bestseller. Metallic body, convenient shape go well together with the grooved bearing. Even the most complex tricks are possible with it, and its color options will leave no one indifferent.

  • Weight (g): 57
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 41/54
  • Bearing type: Grooved C
  • Price: 3000 r.

Monster’s attractive design, flawless coating grooved  thumbgrind rims combined with convenient shape and great dynamics – all these factors  are valued among pro-players and advanced players. And their combination in this yo-yo helped the Monster to become one of the most popular AERO-YO yo-yos of all time..

AERO Pro Team member Kirill Khonichev’s video presentation of Monster capabilities:

AERO Fighter Nikolay Churin summer beach video of him playing with green Monster:

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