LIGHTNING LIGHT is an awesome yo-yo of the AERO-YO metal line for contestants. This model is great for preparing to the contests and championships. Lightning Light (LL) has top tested response system and will never let you down. Convenient shape of its predecessor (issued in september 2010) was reworked to comply with the modern requirements – the yo-yo lost two grams of weight and now it plays even better. LL was created to fit the demands of Sergey Bukanov, An AERO PRO Team Member, prizewinner of many Moscow and Russian contests who supervised the whole process of the yo-yo creation.

  • Weight (g): 68
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 42/55
  • Bearing type: Grooved C
  • Price: 3000 r.

The yo-yo has two color options – black and red. Engraved with bear symbols.

LIGHTNING LIGHT video preview:

AERO SCOUT Maksim Zalogin with red LIGHTNING LIGHT:

AERO PRO TEAM member Evgeniy Kochergin with black LIGHTNING LIGHT:

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