LIGHTNINGis truly as fast as the phenomenon it was named after. This most advanced AERO-YO model is a new generation of hi-end yo-yos that combine low price with highest quality of production and play. Its new butterfly form will let you get all pleasure possible from playing with this yo-yo. Soft rubber response system and great coating will help you discover all its advantages.

  • Weight (g): 70
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 42/55
  • Bearing type: Grooved C
  • Price: 3000 r.

This yo-yo was engineered with the help of Sergeey Guryev (of Aero-Yo) and Alexey Schugorev (of Cold Metal). Engraved by our designer Ilya Grankin.

Please read the review on the Gyroscope.Ru forum.

Aero Fighter and the Lightning:

Sergey Bukanov and Vladimir Glazkov (AERO PRO Team members) with Lightning and Volcano:

Lightning beats the sleeper record of 11 minutes. One throw, one shot:

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