AGENT — classic hi-end for pro-players. Ideal coating, high-speed bearing, convenient shape, atractive design and style, vibe absence and great behavior-on-string. This is just a little bit of what professionals think about the Agent!

  • Weight (g): 64
  • Width/Diameter (mm): 41/54
  • Bearing type: Grooved D
  • Price: 2800 r.

Any new player will feel like a secret agent exploring new tricks and super combos with this yo-yo. That’s right, it has all what it takes for smooth training and trick learning. Creating your own freestyle with the Agent is interesting and entertaining. Once you grab it, you’ll get the meaning of the phrase “Agent in action!”

AERO Pro Team – Konstantin Mazov, Kirill Khonichev and the Agent:

Kirill’s RYYC 2009 freestyle, Agent in action:

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